Swedish Therapy
Swedish massage is popular for its perfect balance of therapy and relaxation, providing a complete full-body massage experience. It increases oxygen in the blood flow and releases toxins from the muscles while improving blood circulation and flexibility. This holistic ritual fuses mindfulness with a deep-healing massage.
starting from INR 4500.00
Balinese Therapy
Renowned for many centuries for its energising and restorative effects, Balinese therapy is a unique and powerful form of massage that improves sleep patterns and helps restore the body’s energy flow. The touch of our master therapist and technique of this therapy will increase blood circulation and boost energy. This unique massage promotes relaxation and eases stress, while increasing flexibility and overall circulation.
starting from INR 4500.00
Oriental Stretch
Inspired by yogic principles and popularly known as Thai massage, this therapy has been practiced by monks for centuries. This blissful, holistic ritual reflects a mix of all Thai techniques, offering a blend of traditional and authentic Thai experiences. It will help relieve joint and muscle tension, increase flexibility and mobility, improves posture and provides a sense of well-being encouraging the body to heal naturally.
starting from INR 4000.00
Hot Stone Therapy 90 Mins
This unique therapy uses a combination of gentle and firm massage techniques designed to relieve muscle tension, pain, stress and anxiety. It also promotes sleep and creates a sense of balance and calmness. In this therapy, smooth, flat, heated volcanic stones are placed behind the neck and along either side of the spine and this takes you to a state of deep healing and relaxation.
INR 5500.00
Deep Tissue Therapy
This therapy is ideal for recovering from any muscle tension or reducing stress and anxiety. The massage is customised by our master therapist to suit your needs focussing on your area of concern. Deep strokes and presssure-point techniques combined with a specially infused oil is used in this therapeutic treatment.
starting from INR 5000.00
Express Rejuvenation
A focussed back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage technique that uses pure natural essential oils. All these elements unite to increase feel-good endorphins in the body and induces a sense of holistic rejuvination.
INR 2500.00
Reflexology is inspired by an ancient Chinese culture that manifests energy. While this therapeutic massage concentrates solely on the feet and lower legs, the meticulously applied pressure will ensure the reflex points corresponds positively with other organs in your body obtaining a distinctive and revitalising healing.
INR 3000.00
Couple Massage Therapy
Couples can embark on a blissful spa journey and treat themselves to an enriching experience. The therapy starts in our couple spa therapy suite with a foot ritual followed by an aromatic bath in our couples soak tub. The treatment commences with a skin soening body exfoliation and is completed with a personalized aromatherapy massage.
INR 15000.00