Plumeria Crown 150
Plumeria Crown 150 minutes - History tells us that French botanist Charles Plumier discovered the plumeria flower in the late 17th century as it was spreading throughout tropical areas, including the Caribbean. It is believed that the Tainos brought plumeria from South America, where natives used it not only in crowns as a welcome gesture to distinguished visitors due to its beauty and aroma, but also for its natural antioxidant, astringent and sedative properties. With this pampering treatment, a mixture of natural oils of the plumeria flower, coconut oil and harvested Salt Island sea salt will prepare your skin to receive the benefits of our ancestral bentonite clay and turmeric. A scalp massage with coconut oil will be performed while your body receives the nutrients of the body mask. To complete this royal experience, a soothing massage with our sunrise body lotion made of plumeria flower will leave your skin smooth and your senses in a state of serenity.
The Afri-Cure 120
The Afri-Cure 120 minutes - In the 17th century, the jumbie tree (Ceiba pentandra) and tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica) were introduced in the Caribbean from Africa. Since then, they’ve been prized for their multiple benefits by BVIslanders. Indulge in a carefully tailored spa experience inspired by a fusion of time-honored Caribbean healing a traditional body wrap made of jumbie tree leaves to relieve fatigue, tamarind tree leaves to relieve pain, and lemongrass to reduce inflammation, accompanied by a papaya mousse applied to the face to clean and moisturize your skin. The wrap and facial are followed by a warm body exfoliation using turmeric, honey, activated charcoal and harvested Salt Island sea salt. The healing hands of two therapists then transport you to a deep state of relaxation with the wavelike movements of four hands massaging our nourishing BVI organic coconut oil into the skin for a moisturized glow. This experience offers calming and renewal for body and spirit.