Give Culinary Pleasure.
Indulge yourself or your beloved ones in culinary delights and enjoy one of our hand made chocolate or our home-made plums schnapps.
RA Chocolate "Goji berries in sesame nougat - vegan"
The finest chocolate for the vegan epicure, filled with the superfruit goji berry and a fine sesame nougat with brittle.
€ 7,00
RA Chocolate "Chocolate banana"
Chocolate banana – thought again! With a fine layer of raspberry this chocolate captivates all along the line and brings the banana taste to a new level.
€ 7,00
RA Chocolate "Schilcher + pumpkin nougat (with alc.)"
Styria packed in a chocolate: tangy Schilcher rosé wine is combined with tenderly melting pumpkin seed nougat and thus convinces completely.
€ 10,00
RA Chocolate "Marc de Champagne"
The exclusive chocolate Marc de Champagne is filled with champagne distillate and wrapped in best chocolate. Supreme pleasure for yourself or as a sophisticated gift for others.
€ 7,00
RA Chocolate "Bird's Eye-Chilli"
Spicy hot, noble, delicious: the chocolate Birds Eye Chili combines the taste of hot varieties of chili and pepper as well as a noble chocolate coating. A culinary experience of a special kind.
€ 10,00
RA Chocolate "Nougat Variation"
Delicious nougat is a symbol of true luck. Enjoy finest chocolate wit 25 % cocoa content.
€ 7,00
TAC Manner Schnitten
The Original Neopolitaner "Manner Schnitten" wafers are the perfect sweet snack for in between – as a dessert, with coffee or simply for snacking. Packed in a modern TAC design, the crispy wafers with hazelnut biscuits are a true Austrian classic.
€ 4,00
TAC Umbrella
With the elegant umbrella from TAC in a handy pocket size you can always be on the safe side. In black colour, the umbrella can be operated by a simple push-button automatic and is a must-have even in stormy times thanks to its robust roof.
€ 30,00
TAC Pumpkin Seeds
A real Styrian snack. The crunchy, salted pumpkin seeds of original Styrian style are the ideal snack for on the go, for in between as brainfood or at home as an addition to various dishes, such as salads.
€ 4,50