Time Range
:00 a.m. p.m.
:00 a.m. p.m.
:00 a.m. p.m.
Number of Persons
Aqua Gym
12 Lessons
Aqua Gym is a water training routine that relieves strain on the joints, toning the muscles and strengthening the cardiovascular system.
Ballet Workout
3 Lessons
Derives its exercises from classic ballet. Specific sequences of movement tone and stretch the whole body.
Abs, Legs and Hips
2 Lessons
Is a fitness programme that seeks primarily to tone the body areas named. The goals are stronger muscle tissue and hence cellulite prevention.
Body Pump
11 Lessons
Is a choreographed muscular-endurance programme with barbells. With individual weights and clear and simple movements, all the main muscle groups are trained and formed.
Boot Camp
15 Lessons
Is designed for athletes who enjoy using their own body weight and pushing to their limits. It is an intensive muscle-building workout that involves completing a series of challenging exercises with no breaks in between.
Healthy Back
10 Lessons
Includes exercises that focus on mobilising and strenghtening the lower back muscles. Poor posture is corrected and tenision is released.
2 Lessons
14 Lessons
Is a holistic training routine for body, mind and soul. The exercises encourage relaxation, strenghten and stretch the muscles, and increase physical awareness.
TRX Flow
24 Lessons
Stretch & Relax
4 Lessons
Starts with some short exercises to loosen the body, before directing the focus towards relaxation and functional stretching.
Pilates Class
5 Lessons
Strenghtens the abdominal muscles, the lumbar vertebrae and the pelvic floor, and includes various breathing and relaxation techniques.
Muscle Pump
2 Lessons
Muscle Pump is an intensive and varied muscular-endurance programme with barbells. To the accompaniment of music, individual weights and clear and simple movements are used to train all the main muscle groups.
Power Workout
16 Lessons
Is a cardio- and strenght workout. Aerobic movements are combined with strenght and stabilisation exercises.
Pilates Allegro/Mat
16 Lessons
Pilates Allegro on the Mat is a challenging and varied workout. The aim is to work through the principles of a Pilates workout with optional additional resistance (Allegro) as well as without support and independently (Mat). This circuits workout will promote bodily self-control and improve physical awareness.
Body Shaping
2 Lessons
Is a whole-body muscular-endurance programme with training exercises to target problem areas using various small devices.
Yoga und Meditation
3 Lessons
Combines the following elements:yoga postures that build strenghts, flexibility and concentration, cleansing and calming breathing techniques, a deep relaxation, a meditation and a period of silence.