Sleigh ride with Finnish horse

Sleigh ride with Finnish horse

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Embark on a atmospheric sleigh ride through the landscapes of Porosalmi, accompanied by a Finnish horse.

Sleigh rides depart from the Forest Café's courtyard, approximately 300 meters from the Safari House. Please, schedule min. 15min for the walk to the cafe.

The excursion lasts about 20 minutes and travels along the snowy forest paths of Porosalmi. The sleigh is equipped with reindeer hides, blankets, and a thermos mug for a hot drink of your choice from the café's selection.

Sleigh ride in Porosalmi is priced at €32.90 per person. You can also include an activity in your excursion.

The sleigh accommodates 2 people at a time. Excursions are subject to weather conditions.

Reservations can be made online or at the Safari House
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