Earth Chakra Massage
The essence of being ‘Muladhara’, the earth or root chakra, is located at the base of the spine. Specifically designed to overcome stress and encourage relaxation, this massage uses the heat of stones to help muscles release tension faster than traditional massage. Cool stones are also used to invigorate the muscles and counteract the soothing effect of warmth on the nervous system. The contrast of the calming heat and refreshing coolness, used in combination with Swedish massage techniques, improves circulation and energy flow and induces a deep state of tranquility.
JOD 90.00
Reflexology Crystal Healing
As your reflex points relax to the external stimulation of pressure point work, allow the pure energy of the crystals to float into your chakra, releasing negative energy thus allowing your being to begin the healing process.
JOD 70.00
Water Chakra Massage
Arising of stillness Swadhisthana, the water or sacral chakra, is located in the lower abdomen. Flowing aromatherapy massage technique with nourishing oils of jasmine, rose and sandalwood offer the mind and body a variety of therapeutic benefits and contribute to overall well-being. This massage is specially designed to encourage relaxation through slow and soothing techniques leaving the body refreshed and revived. Happiness is renewed and the desire for life and love is reinvigorated.
JOD 90.00
Aquatic Body Scrub
A concentration of invigorating benefits of the ocean, this body scrub combines the unique exfoliation power of sea salt with nourishing oils to reveal a refined skin texture, velvety to the touch. Its marine notes delicately scent the skin, while providing a moment of well-being.
JOD 70.00
Detox Alage Wrap
A rapid detox experience. This body wrap features detoxifying seaweed combined with refreshing and stimulating essential oils of peppermint and rose to eliminate excess fluid and relieve tired muscles.
JOD 50.00
Fire Chakra Massage
Radiant beauty also known as Manipura in Sanskrit, the navel or fire chakra is located in the solar plexus. This revitalizing prana vitality massage helps to release toxins, reduces fatigue and restores physical and mental strength. This invigorating massage with energy-enhancing essential oils of rosewood and lavender leave mind, body and spirit sparkling with vitality.
JOD 90.00
Anti Cellulite Body Mud Wrap
An effective anti-cellulite body mud wrap based on Dead Sea black mud combined with a fine selection of anti-cellulite Aromatherapy Oils. Dead Sea mud helps remove excess cellulite from different parts of the body through a “Fat Absorption Process” which is also enhanced by the action of the anti-cellulite aromatherapy oil blend.
JOD 50.00
Body Scryb w/ olive stone and peppermint oil
This body scrub combines Dead Sea salts with Olive Stones and Peppermint, Avocado, Almond and Jojoba oils. The fine granules of Dead Sea Salt and Olive Stones possess excellent scrubbing properties, while the natural oils help moisturize and nourish the skin. It effectively exfoliates, detoxifies, nourishes and hydrates the skin leaving it remarkably soft, smooth and healthy.
JOD 50.00
Aromatherapy Salt Body Scrub
A unique aromatherapy body scrub, which incorporates Dead Sea minerals, salts with aromatherapy and natural oils. It exfoliates, detoxifies and hydrates the skin. It is gentle on the skin yet tough on dead cells leaving the skin clean, soft and glowing.
JOD 50.00