THE BARAI Journey 4 hrs.
The perfect way to experience a customised spa day. Start your journey with a 30-minute herbal infusion bath, followed by your choice of any treatment from our menu (3.5 hours). and then enjoy a light meal, a healthy drink and some relaxation time at McFarland House Restaurant.
THB 7900.00
Body Balance 120 min.
(Body Scrub, Abdominal Massage, Face & Head Massage) Tamarind & Turmeric Body Scrub to leave the skin renewed and soft. Turmeric is well known as an anti-inflammatory herb which helps to heal the body from inside out. Followed by a highly effective Abdominal Massage to release tension and helps detoxifying, improves digestion & posture, boost immune system and release physical and emotional stress. This treatment is very beneficial 2 hours after meal or in the morning before breakfast.
THB 4500.00
Me Time – check-in with yourself 120 min.
Breathing Exercise, Body Massage combined with an Asian Head Massage) Breathing exercise will enhance the effect of the massage to bring oxygen to the cells in order to increase the holistic tension release effect. A very relaxing smooth body massage with warm herbal oils will additionally relax the muscles. The reflexology points at the head will calm down the nerve system in the brain. We recommend to enjoy the treatment in the late afternoon.
THB 4500.00
Couples Connect 120 min
(Bath, Body Scrub, Vitalizing Massage) Couples Connect is designed to create connection during the 2 hours treatment. The journey starts with a warm mineral bath in our private Spa treatment room. The treatment focuses on three chakras: Sacral, Heart and Crown. Exquisite oils of Rose (the oil of love), Orange Blossom (bliss) and Jasmine (for stimulating the flow of love) by using Crystals to open the heart chakras result in a beautiful connection of mind body and spirit.
THB 4750.00
Get In Shape & Anti-cellulite Treatment 120 min.
(Body Brush, Peeling & Wrap, Contouring Massage) This highly effective whole body treatment helps to improves skin quality, activate the blood and lymphatic circulation by using brushes and special massage technique. It stimulates the skin, resulting in a more refined shape and reduces cellulite. This treatment is featuring a stimulation of the skin to naturally reactivate the cell metabolism with a dry brush technique followed by a full body peeling, activating coffee wrap followed by an energetic massage with Grapefruit and Black Pepper oil and ends with a correcting intense slimming serum which attacks the fat tissues.
THB 4800.00