Anti-Stress Treatment
Somites a problem in our life-balance causes loss of motivation, languidness, lack of energy, pessimism and stress. Anti-Stress Massage is a massage applied with slow and rhythmic movements. It has a relaxing impact on muscle and tissues in the body become relaxed and softened. Especially, it is highly advised to be applied after the foam and bath-glove session.
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Aromatherapy Tranquillity
Aromatherapy Massage activates the lymphatic system and removes toxic waste from our body and therapists from Far East will defuse your tension with moderate strokes, effective touches and circular motions, stimulating blood circulation and all you need to do is let peace surround you accompanied by pleasant smell of essential oils.
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Levana Mineral
Magnesium is a vital mineral responsible for promoting healthy energy levels, sleeps circulation, muscle function and overall well-being. Rich in magnesium and essential, solar –dried minerals and trace elements resplechishes and soothes the skin.
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Muscle Mend Deep
Using generous pressure and professional manipulations to reduce muscle tension, muscles are relaxed and daily stress is relieved with deep massage techniques. This is ideal for people who enjoy strong massage.
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Chakra Hot Volcanic Stone
Hot stone massage that cause deep relaxing of muscles and body tissues, improves circulation and reduces stress. It is a perfect detoxification method to stimulate the body and energy. It helps the heat diffuse deeply by awakening your chakras and clearing the blockages, helping you to find your physical and mental balance.
TL 6'240.74
Mother To Be
If you are between week 14 and 28 of your pregnancy, relax and get healthier. You will relax and be pampered for the health of your baby at every moment you spend with us.
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Levana Bliss Signature
If you are not sure which massage is the most suitable for you, you can choose this massage especially prepared for you. Qualified therapists will personalize your massage with certain techniques such as Deep Tissue, Muscle Relaxation, Shiatsu, Bali and will make you feel a healing experience with respect to energy flow through the body
starting from TL 4'853.91