Facial treatments
Facial treatments from classic facials to lifting without knife treatments. We use only quality professional products for example French Mary Cohr and Thalion.
A light facial treatment 30 min
A light facial treatment that includes cleansing, peel,facial mask and skin care cream. Also suitable for men.
€ 39,00
Face massage 45 min
Stress-reducing and relaxing facial massage, which includes facial cleansing and mask.
€ 53,00
Reviderm facial microdermabrasion
The treatment includes surface cleansing, peel suited to the skin type, microdermabrasion, ultrasound ampoule treatment, facial mask and care cream.
€ 95,00
Mary Cohr Age repair facial treatment
A suitable treatment for ageing skin. Firms and smoothes the skin. The treatment includes surface cleansing, peel, serum, massage, facial mask and skin care creams.
€ 85,00
Dermo peeling with Derma ph
This treatment deep-cleans the skin, brightens pigmentation marksrand gives it a glow. The treatment includes cleansing, acid peel, massage, facial mask and skin care creams.
€ 85,00
Mary Cohr: PhytOxygene
This treatment includes cleansing, peel, warm facial mask, massage and skin care creams
€ 85,00
Mary Cohr: CatioVital Lifting 75 min
Exclusive Treatment method that lifts features by building muscle tone and rejuvenates the appearance of the face. A genuine alternative to Aesthetic Medicine that immediately acts on signs of skin ageing.
€ 105,00
Mary Cohr: CatioVital Youth 75 min
A warm facial mask removes impurities and improves the absorption of antioxidants, plant extracts and fruit acids into the skin. Massage is followed by a facial mask and then skin care products
€ 105,00
Mary Cohr: Multipurete deep-cleansing facial treatment 90 min
The treatment includes cleansing, peel, massage, mask, mechanical facial cleansing, serum and skin care creams.
€ 115,00