I WILLINGLY AND FREELY accept and understand that hiking and related activities are DANGEROUS and HAZARDOUS activities with inherent risks. I agree that the phrase “inherent risks” means those risks listed in this agreement, or those that can be reasonably inferred therefrom. I also agree that these inherent risks are both obvious and necessary to hiking. These risks include, but are not limited to: variations in steepness and terrain; trailside drop-offs; slippery conditions; rocks; roots; ruts; trees and other forms of forest growth or debris (above or below the surface); holes; and other forms of natural or man-made obstacles; other hiking participants; ground conditions that vary constantly because of weather changes, natural conditions and use by other hikers; collisions with stone, concrete, wood, metal and other surfaces and equipment on the premises; trips, slips, falls and spills onto the ground or other surface; trail fences and the absence of such fences, and other forms of natural or man-made obstacles whether visible or hidden, in and/or off designated trails; collisions with equipment, obstacles, or other individuals using the area; conditions which vary constantly because of weather changes and use by other hikers. All the inherent risks that exist in hiking present the risk of serious and/or fatal injury. I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE ACCEPT AND FREELY AND EXPRESSLY ASSUME ALL RISKS OF INJURY TO ANY OR ALL PARTS OF MY BODY, INCLUDING  DEATH, THAT EXIST IN HIKING AT THE PREMISES OR FACILITIES OF MOHONK MOUNTAIN HOUSE.