Our experienced team of well trained medical therapists are very engaged to ensure that you are experiencing unforgettable moments. These treatments are nourishing for body and soul.
Full Body Massage
Holistic relaxation - pressure-intensive, manifest in depth. Well-being, relaxation and regeneration of the body.
starting from € 70.00
Ralaxation Massage
Light feel-good massage for a harmonious body experience.
20 Min
€ 49.00
Japanese Scalp and Shoulder Massage
Absolute relaxation for the head, shoulders and neck. Have you worked a lot mentally and are you losing concentration? Our Japanese Scalp & Shoulder Massage is ideal for a mental break to gain new vitality and inner strength.
45 Min
€ 95.00
Relaxing Massage with Dr. Babor
Peace, relaxation and pure enjoyment! A boost of energy that helps to gain new vitality and inner strength. The unique Qi massage revives all senses.
90 Min
€ 146.00
La Stone Therapy
A special experience! Warm because of the beneficial effect Basalt and cooling marble stones will revitalize you with Elemental force and charges you with new energy.
starting from € 95.00
Self Ness Massage
Well-being - gentle touch - forget time. You enjoy the intensive effect of a special massage with steamed Stamping and a carefully coordinated, matching Body care ceremonial as a small celebration of yourself.
50 Min
€ 105.00
Lomi Lomi Full Body Massage
Full body massage with coconut oil. Lomi is the Hawaiian Expression for massage. This massage doesn't just aim at to loosen tense muscles, it also loosens internal and external tension. With long, flowing strokes the forearms over the whole body, in combination with gentle joint loosening, becomes a feeling of weightlessness. It is a feast for all the senses.
starting from € 95.00
Pantai Luar Massage
An East Asian massage ritual with lime stamps and warm Plant extract oil. Experience sustainable cell renewal and revitalization.
50 Min
€ 105.00
The classic to support the lymph flow. Flowing, soft, reassuring. Possible as part or full body treatment.
starting from € 64.00