Hands & Feet

We offer CND Shellac. This is a nail polish that is cured with a UV lamp and can last up to 2 weeks.
Must be removed professionally.
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Spa Manikyr
This treatment begins with a softening hand bath. We then gently scrub your hands to soften the skin. Afterwards, we take care of the cuticles, then cut and file your nails. The treatment ends with a relaxing hand massage.
45 Min
NOK 800,00
Spa Manicure with Shellac
Our classic manicure treatment followed by CND uv hardened Shellac. This durable nail polish can last up to 14 days under normal use.
75 Min
NOK 1.395,00
Mini Manikyr with Shellac
We prepare your nails for the shellac polish with a mini manicure. Should there be a need for more care, we recommend that you choose the treatment called: Spa manicure with shellac.
45 Min
NOK 495,00
Spa Pedicure
A non-medical foot treatment only for healthy feet. This treatment starts by giving your feet a warm bath with nourishing salts. Then a gentle scrub to remove any dead and dry skin. We also cut the nails, trim the cuticles and take care of any dry skin on your heels. Fresh feet ready to dance the night away!
60 Min
starting from NOK 995,00
Spa Pedicure with Shellac
Enjoy this relaxing pedicure followed by your choice of colored uv hardened shellac. This polish will hold its color and last for up to 2 weeks!
75 Min
NOK 1.395,00
Spa Pedicure with French Shellac
​Our relaxing pedicure followed by uv curing shellac. French lacquer is the beautiful elegant white line in combination with light pink nail polish. A signature for the elegant person
90 Min
NOK 1.500,00
Shellac removal before treatment
We remove your old polish with acetone in special cnd wrappings. Then we prepare the nail for your new color.
15 Min
NOK 300,00
Lily`s Pedicure for Children
A little filing and prepping before a light coat of nailpolish
20 Min
NOK 495,00
Lily`s Manicure for Children
Light filing and prepping before a nice coat of nail polish
20 Min
NOK 495,00