TAC Chocolate "Schilcher + pumpkin nougat (with alc.)"
Styria packed in a chocolate: tangy Schilcher rosé wine is combined with tenderly melting pumpkin seed nougat and thus convinces completely.
€ 4,95
TAC Chocolate "Goji berries in sesame nougat - vegan"
The finest chocolate for the vegan epicure, filled with the superfruit goji berry and a fine sesame nougat with brittle.
€ 4,95
TAC Chocolate "Chocolate banana"
Chocolate banana – thought again! With a fine layer of raspberry this chocolate captivates all along the line and brings the banana taste to a new level.
€ 4,95
TAC Chocolate
"Anything is good if it's made of chocolate." Treat yourself one of our exquisite chocolates and enjoy a very special taste experience.
€ 4,95
TAC Manner Schnitten
The Original Neopolitaner "Manner Schnitten" wafers are the perfect sweet snack for in between – as a dessert, with coffee or simply for snacking. Packed in a modern TAC design, the crispy wafers with hazelnut biscuits are a true Austrian classic.
€ 3,90
TAC Mints
The sweet pastilles with orange flavor from TAC provide a fruity freshness and a real taste experience. In the practical metal box, the drops in the modern TAC corporate design are always ready to hand.
€ 4,50
TAC Steirererde
Enjoy the special Styrian variety of flavours with the TAC Steirererde mixed spices. Fine spices and local pumpkin seeds round off the herbal mix and guarantee a tasty portion of Styria in salad, soups and more.
€ 12,90
TAC Pumpkin Seeds
A real Styrian snack. The crunchy, salted pumpkin seeds of original Styrian style are the ideal snack for on the go, for in between as brainfood or at home as an addition to various dishes, such as salads.
€ 4,50
TAC Coffee Cup
With the TAC coffee cup your coffee tastes even better. The materials used come from sustainable forestry and are biodegradable. So you can enjoy your coffee without a guilty conscience.
€ 14,90
TAC cups are perfect for any event. They are more environmentally friendly than disposable cups and safer than glass or porcelain. In addition, the reusable cup convinces with its durability, hygiene and robustness.
€ 9,90
TAC Powerbank
With our brand new TAC powerbank you can charge your smartphone, tablet or your camera always and on the go.
€ 12,90
The pen in classy TAC corporate design is ideally suited for writing on paper. Designed for day-to-day use.
€ 9,90
TAC Collegeblock
Combine the useful with beautiful design. The new TAC Collegeblock offers enough space for notes, sketchnotes or spontaneous ideas.
€ 3,90
TAC Speaker
Our stylish Bluetooth speaker in TAC design has a modern look and feel and a very good audio quality. Including a micro-USB charging cable, nothing stands in the way of listening to music anywhere.
€ 29,90
TAC Umbrella
With the elegant umbrella from TAC in a handy pocket size you can always be on the safe side. In black colour, the umbrella can be operated by a simple push-button automatic and is a must-have even in stormy times thanks to its robust roof.
€ 29,50
TAC Cam Cover
Protect your privacy! The TAC Cam Cover offer you security against possible webcam espionage and are suitable for laptops, tablets and smartphones in a noble black design. The camera covers can be easily removed and glued back on at any time without leaving any residue.
€ 2,50
TAC Hipster Bag
Always with you! Nothing simpler than this with the new and versatile TAC hipster bag in muted colour.
€ 14,90
TAC Flip Flops
The comfortable TAC Flip Flops in a simple black and white design are the ideal companion for your visit to the spa, the beach or other leisure activities. The bathing shoes in four different sizes are comfortable to wear – even after several hours.
€ 19,90
TAC Beanie
The stylish beanie from TAC is the perfect companion for cold winter days. With the simple black design it enhances any outfit and provides pleasantly warm ears.
€ 12,95
TAC Gym Mat
On the mat, ready, go... With the non-slip and durable fitness mat you are well equipped for your workout.
€ 18,90