Spa etiquette/house rules - General Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 09/10/2020

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Principle

3. Requirements for the use of the site and facilities

4. Access to the on-site facilities

5. Tickets

6. Hours of operation, usage schedule and bathing times

7. Site and facility supervision

8. Use of the sports swimming pools and spa installations

9. Use of the "Seestern" thermal spa with outdoor and wave pool and water attractions

10. Use of the Sauna World, Wellness Oasis, BeautyMare

11. Use of the sunbeds

12. Use of the "Fit and Fun" fitness club and the "Ball and Fun" ball sports club

13. Liability of the operator

14. Maintenance and service

15. Lost property

16. Suggestions and criticism

17. Pandemic-related amendments

18. Commencement of the rules


1. Introduction

The visit of HanseDom is governed by the rules of the spa etiquette/house rules listed below.

The spa etiquette/house rules are designed to ensure a frictionless operation with a binding and generally valid liability for the following regulatory content:


2. Principle

1. The spa etiquette is of binding character for all site visitors/users of the facilities.

The scope of application includes all  indoor and outdoor areas on the site.

2. The spa etiquette/house rules are available to all visitors at the front desk, the sports information desk and the lifeguards' room for their information.

3. By purchasing a ticket, each site visitor/user of the facilities accepts the terms of the spa etiquette as well as all other regulations issued to maintain safety, order and cleanliness.

4. HanseDom Stralsund GmbH, represented by the HanseDom general management, exercises the sole domiciliary right across the entire indoor and outdoor area of HanseDom, notwithstanding third-party usage agreements or any other explicitly declared and tacitly agreed on regulation contents.

This patronage includes all planned and concrete activities within the scope of application of the HanseDom site.

5. All instructions invoking the house rules, issued by general management or authorised representatives, are to be followed without fail.

6. The use of the on-site leisure and recreation areas is subject to the respective tariffs which are posted on the premises with the explicit reservation of modifications and errors.

7. Special behavioural and usage requirements for certain areas with special behavioural and usage characteristics are to be taken from further notices or obtained by personal information.

This applies to the fitness and sports area in particular.

8. The organisation of commercial swimming lessons, programme activities and other classes is subject to the event sovereignty of HanseDom on the entire premises, in particular in the sports swimming area.

Exceptions to this require explicit approval by HanseDom general management.

9. We ask our visitors and users to refrain from any actions interfering with common decency and the maintenance of safety, calm and order.

10. The use of the site and facilities is at your own risk and peril.


3. Requirements for the use of the site and facilities

1. In general, everyone is free to visit and use HanseDom and its facilities, as long as the visit does not serve any exploitive and/or commercial purposes.

Exceptions to this require written approval by general management.

Users and/or their authorised representatives who pursue a use deviating from the spa etiquette/house rules and the sovereignty of HanseDom (e.g. by producing photo and film recordings for marketing purposes, offering goods, distributing printed and advertising material) require the explicit and written permission of HanseDom general management.

2. It is prohibited to:

a. use radios, sound source devices and other sound-generating sources as well as to play musical instruments

b. use mobile phones, computers or similar mobile devices (only limited use while respecting the personal rights of others is permitted) - these are to be switched to "mute" or "silent".

c. smoke on the entire premises (except in the dedicated outdoor areas)

d. use intoxicating substances according to the Narcotics Law

e. bring along animals

f. take underwater shots as well as shots in the entire sauna and changing area

g. violate the intimacy or privacy of another individual, in particular by voyerism, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, spatial stalking

h. cause or commit phsyical harm, threats, insults, damage to property, theft or fraud

i. perform sexual acts on yourself or on another person, to have sexual acts performed on yourself or on another person.

3. Taking photos in the fitness, ball sports, adventure pool, sports pool  and VogelsangHalle areas is only permitted in compliance with the legal data protection guidelines and protection of every visitor's personal rights.

4. Persons suffering from infectious and/or contagious diseases and persons under the influence of intoxicating substances are barred from the use of the facilities.

5. Persons with a tendency to seizures or fainting  as well as persons with severe mental or physical deficiencies are only permitted to enter and stay on the premises if accompanied by a supervisor.

6. Users who possess a disability card indicating the need for an accompanying person or a severe walking impairment causing the need to be accompanied by an aide (B or aG on German cards) may be accompanied by another person at no charge.

7. Separate facilities are available for visitors with disabilities.

Special changing cubicles are available in the spa's central changing area, with barrier-free showers and sanitary facilities immediately adjacent.

We ask our visitors to exclusively use these in order to avoid hazardous situations.

Barrier-free access to the adventure pool is available for wheelchair users.

1 rental wheelchair is available for use of the Sauna World.

8. Children below the age of 6 years as well as non-swimmers are only permitted to enter the pool area if accompanied by an adult supervisor.

9. The same applies to disabled persons unable to safely stay or navigate in the water without assistance.

The accompanying person is responsible for their constant supervision.

10. Children up to the completed 12th year of age are only permitted to enter the Sauna World if accompanied by an adult supervisor.

The accompanying adults must exercise special supervision over the children in the whole sauna area.

11. We ask that the facilities be treated with care and that all action potentially damaging or contaminating the facility be refrained from.

A cleaning fee of € 25 will be charged for  deliberate soiling of the facilities, in particular the contamination of the swimming pools, e.g. by faeces.

Containers are available for waste disposal.

If a visitor/user finds the premises at their disposal unacceptably dirty or generally not suitable for proper use according to their own judgement, we ask them to immediately inform our staff so that the defect can be remedied as quickly as possible.

Subsequent complaints or claims will be examined on a case-by-case basis but in case of doubt cannot give rise to  a claim for compensation.

12. Food and beverages are to be consumed in the available gastronomic facilities with a corresponding range of consumable goods on offer.

13. The consumption of packed lunches and beverages is not permitted.

14. Containers made of glass or splintering plastic (bottles, cans, etc.) must not be carried or used on the entire premises in order to avoid possible hazards.

15. Clean your body thoroughly (without clothes) in the provided showers before using the swimming, bathing and sauna facilities.

The use of soap, shampoo or other body cleansing products outside the sanitary facilities and showers is not permitted.

Furthermore, the following are not permitted:

a. manicure and pedicure

b. hair dye/colouring

c. measures for body hair removal

16. During workouts at the "Fit and Funny" fitness club, towels must be used to cover seating and reclining surfaces.

The wet area must only be entered with bath slippers.

The workout and play surface in the whole "Fit and Funny" area is to be used exclusively with suitable sports footwear.

The fitness club's free weight area must be kept in order.

17. The distribution of propaganda material of unconstitutional organisations (§ 83 German Penal Code) and the use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations on clothing or other items (§ 86a German Penal Code) are prohibited.

This includes the public display of tattoos of such  kind.

Persons wearing such tattoos must cover them without further request before using the site and its facilities.

This also applies to the carrying and use of objects and/or media with a racist, xenophobic, violence-glorifying, discriminating, sexist, and both right- and/or left-wing content, even if not relevant under criminal law.

18. HanseDom employees may forbid certain actions by issuing instructions, denying access to HanseDom or even issuing a house ban for easy enforcement, if in their own interest or required for visitor safety or frictionless operations.

The provisions of clauses 2.1, 2.4 and 2.5 apply correspondingly.

During group visits, organised groups of persons and communal events, the responsible group leader or organiser's representative is jointly responsible for compliance with the spa etiquette in its entirety.

The "Information for groups, clubs and institutions" available at the front desk and ticket office area is of binding character for these visitor groups.

The regulations listed there regulate any additional visitor requirements and must be strictly followed.

Any infringement is at the own risk and liability fo the respective visitor.


4. Access to the on-site facilities

1. Bicycles, motorbikes, cars and other means of transport must be parked in the designated and marked parking spaces.

Illegally parked vehicles will be removed at the owner's expense, in particular when blocking the access for fire brigades, ambulances and public transport.

The regulations of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) apply to all parking spaces.

Winter service is limited.

2. Entering and moving around within HanseDom is only permitted in the designated public areas marked as such.

Wearing outdoor footwear or footwear not suitable for wet areas is prohibited on the pathways between locker rooms, showers and restrooms behind the ticket counter area as well as in the "Seestern" spa and sauna area and the sports swimming pool area.

3. In order to secure clothing items and brought-along objects, visitors must make sure to padlock the changing room  lockers.

Before leaving HanseDom, all objects except for the clothes hanger are to be removed from the changing room lockers. The lockers must be left in an unlocked state.

For security reasons, HanseDom reserves the right to open changing room lockers that have been locked for an extended period of time (>1 day) and to deposit the items contained at the ticket counters/the information desk until their collection.

4. The "Coin" entry medium activates the key on the changing room lockers for locking by subsequent removal.

The "Coin" and the key are to be fixed to the wrist or ankle using the attached fastening strap and must be worn throughout the entire duration of the visit.

The loss of a "Coin" must be reported immediatelys to the supervising staff of the respective department (the lifeguards' room, the sauna counter, the sports information desk or the front desk).

5. Entering the HanseDom premises does not entail the right to a lounger.

6. Access to HanseDom for groups of more than 12 persons will only be granted after consultation with the front desk and ticket office staff as well as administration in compliance with the guidelines according to paragraphs 3.19 and 13.2.

7. Visits by swimming clubs, school classes and other groups of persons are subject to the regulations according to paragraph 3.15.

8. The spa area may only be accessed when wearing standard bathing attire.

In case of doubt, the decision as to whether the bathing attire meets the standard requirements will be made by the supervisor in charge.

The visitor is to be held responsible for any damage to the bathing attire.

We furthermore point out explicitly that not all bathing attire will withstand going down the waterslides.

9. It is prohibited to wash or wring out bathing attire in the swimming pools.

10. The wearing of cut-off jeans, bathing attire with buttons, studs or other sharp and edgy objects as well as underwear or casual clothing like t-shirts or sweatpants is not permitted.

11. Babies and toddlers must wear impermeable, tight-fitting bathing attire (diapers) in the pools.


5. Entry tickets

(a physical and electronically coded entry medium, hereinafter referred to as "Coin")

1. Coins can be purchased at the ticket counter and authorise admission.

Entry fees for already redeemed Coins will not be refunded.

The receipt must be kept until leaving the premises.

The following credit volumes for specific groups of persons are saved to the Coin:

children below 14 years of age = € 15.00; other visitors = € 60.00

2. The credit volume can be raised to a maximum limit defined by HanseDom upon visitor request; by recording personal data and against signature at the sauna counter, BeautyMare or physiotherapy.

3. If the credit volume is foreseen to be exceeded, the credit used up to that point must be paid at the respective cash desk area (front desk, sports information desk, sauna counter).

4. If requested, Coin and key have to be presented to the staff.

5. If a Coin is lost, a lump sum amounting to 70 % of the credit volume deposited for the respective group (see paragraph 5.1) in addition to the amount of € 3.50 for the procurement of a new Coin must be paid by the visitor before leaving HanseDom.

If the Coin is found or the receipt is presented, the services recorded on the Coin will be charged instead of the lump sum; if only the receipt is presented, the amount of € 3.50 for the procurement of a new Coin will be added.

If the locker key is lost, a replacement fee of € 25 will be charged.

The visitor is entitled to prove that no damage or damage amounting to less than the lump sum has been caused.

The same applies to HanseDom in vice versa.

6. If payment is not possible upon exiting HanseDom, an invoice over the respective amount will be issued. The invoice must be paid by the debtor within 7 days after its receipt.

For this purpose, it is necessary to record the ID card number or driving licence number in order to verify the personal data.


6. Hours of operation, usage schedule and bathing times

1. The usage schedule is posted in the entrance area to the sports and leisure premises.

2. The period of use ends upon exiting HanseDom (turnstiles in the front desk and ticket counter area), at the latest with the daily end of operation hours.

3. The daily end of operations is announced 30 minutes in advance in the thermal spa and sauna area and attractions are shut down.

4. No more Coins are available 60 minutes before the end of operations.

5. In the event of a heavy attendance volume, general management is entitled to limit the usage schedule in general or for a specific area.

The visitor is not entitled to compensation due to downtime during this period.


7. Site and facility supervision

1. The supervisory staff is responsible for maintaining safety and cleanliness, calm and order as well as enforcing the spa etiquette.

Please support this effort by willingly complying with the spa etiquette.

2. As a complementary measure to maintain order and to provide additional security to visitors, certain security-relevant areas are subject to video surveillance, in compliance with data protection regulations.

3. Our staff are obliged and at the same time entitled to ban persons who

a. jeopardise the safety, calm and order

b. prejudice other visitors/users by negligent or deliberate behaviour

c. violate the spa etiquette in spite of admonition

from the HanseDom premises.

In particularly serious cases, access to HanseDom may be temporarily or permanently refused. If necessary, an offical complaint for trespassing will be filed.

4. In the event of expulsion from HanseDom, the entry fee will not be refunded.

Here, the domiciliary right applies.


8. Use of the sports swimming pools and spa installations

1. The 25-m sports swimming pool with a water depth of 1.94 m and the diving pool with a water depth of 4 m are to be used exclusively by visitors/users trained and experienced in swimming.

2. Non-swimmers are only allowed to use the designated part with a maximum water depth of 1.35 m of the indoor and outdoor pools at the "Seestern" thermal spa.

The wave pool with a water depth of more than 1.35 m in the same area may only be used by trained and experienced swimmers.

3. It is prohibited to:

a. plunge others,  push them into the water or engage in any form of misbehaviour

b. jump into the thermal pools or the white-water channel from the side of the pool or from the rocks or bridges

c. access the islands in the indoor or outdoor thermal spa area

d. carry out diving exercises in the diving pool, swimming and outdoor pool or the wave pool (exceptions require the explicit permission by the lifeguard on duty)

e. restrict the use of one or more facilities or part of these without the prior explicit permission by the lifeguard on duty

f. use the diving tower if there is more than one person on the platform/the diving board

g. take a running jump of the respective platform/board or to jump in the presence of one or more individuals in the diving pool

h. swim below the diving tower in use (jumpers must remove themselves from the diving area immediately after jumping!)

i. disturb thermal spa guests by unsporting exercises and games (ball games and the use of flippers require permission by the supervising lifeguard)


9. Use of the "Seestern" thermal spa with outdoor and wave pool and water attractions

1. The use of the "Schatz-Insel" playground is at your own risk and is subject to supervision duty by the accompanying persons

The toys and utensils available at the playground are not suitable for use in water and must not be removed from the playground.

2. The water attractions in the indoor and outdoor pool areas are controlled by an automated timer.

There is no general entitlement for the water attractions to be carried out.

We ask our visitors to keep this in mind.

3. The entire pool and water slide facilities may only be used barefoot.

4. Use of the white-water river and the water slides:

The water slides are pieces of sports equipment that require a certain level of experience, familiarity and continuous training.

Please handle these pieces of equipment with great care, consideration and caution.

Pay close attention to technical installations such as turnstiles, traffic lights and monitors before use.

Non-swimmers and inexperienced swimmers, but also experienced swimmers must pay close attention to the function and effect of all further water attractions in the wave and outdoor pool as well as in the jacuzzis.

Special instructions regarding the sportive and ergonomic use of the respective slide are posted on seperate overview boards in the slide access area.

These must be read with utmost attention before using the slides and followed without fail.

5. Safe distance when sliding:

Please keep sufficient safety distance to the person sliding in front of you.

For your own safety, leave the slide exit immediately after completing the slide!

6. In the white-water river, it is prohibited to:

a. swim against the current or move in the opposite direction

b. obstruct or endanger other visitors when swimming through

c. take hold of any object in the white-water river

d. slide with multiple persons or in groups at the same time

e. hold onto each other and pull each other to the connecting basins

f. carry along objects (balls, diving goggles, flippers, air mattresses, etc.)

Only visitors of the required minimum age and height (12 years and 1.40 m) and apparent physical fitness are allowed to access the white-water river.

Due to safety reasons, non-swimmers are not allowed to access the white-water river.

Before sliding, the information boards containing the instructions for use and pictograms have to be studied carefully and strictly followed.

7. On the water slides, it is prohibited to:

a. move in the opposite direction

b. take hold of any object inside the slide tunnel

c. slide with multiple persons or in groups at the same time

d. carry along objects (balls, diving goggles, flippers, air mattresses, etc.)

8. Only visitors of the required minimum age (9 years) and minimum height (1.20 m) are allowed to access the yellow broad slide, the "Black-Hole Slide", the "Giant Water Slide" and the "Turbo Slide".

Before sliding, the information boards containing the instructions for use and pictograms have to be studied carefully and strictly followed.

9. The safety installations in place (traffic lights, turnstiles, light barriers, etc.) must be respected and not be bypassed.

10. Persons with cardiac or circulatory insufficiencies or other health restrictions that prevent a safe use of the slide facilities as well as pregnant women are not allowed to use the slides.

Glasses, contact lenses, jewellery etc. have to be removed before sliding.

11. Please find the accepted ways of use and age restrictions as well as other important advice on the pictograms and signposts in the slide access areas.

12. In the event of storms, in particular thunderstorms, the outdoor pool must be abandoned immediately for your own protection.


10. Use of the Sauna World, Wellness Oasis, BeautyMare

For reasons of physical culture and hygiene, the entire Sauna World must be used in a textile-free state; i.e. no bathing attire and/or textiles not suitable for the use in saunas are allowed.

It is indespensable to carry along towels of sufficient size and number when accessing the Sauna World.

Alternatively, make use of the towel rental service for a fee.

All employees are required to actively enforce the general guidelines whilst respecting personal freedom and adhering to the regulations promoting a peaceful social interaction.

In order to facilitate a satisfactory experience of relaxation and recreation to our visitors and in mutual respect, we ask you to support our Sauna World staff by willingly following the regulations.

1. The length of stay in the Sauna World is based on the tariffs published on the notice board.

2. Seating and lounging facilities may only be used with a cover (large sauna or bath towels) to avoid direct contact between large areas of the body and the seating or lounging surface.

3. Please leave seating or loungers in place to ensure unobstructed passage.

4. Out of consideration for other visitors, seating and lounging facilities must not be reserved by leaving any objects behind.

Elsewise, Sauna World staff are authorised to remove the visitors' personal objects from the loungers and store them in a separate place until they are returned to the owner.

5. It is prohibited to:

a. bring along and consume packed lunches and beverages

b. carry out manicure and pedicure - or dye your hair

c. take measures for body hair removal

d. carry out fragrance-intensive bodycare activities or use scented cosmetics

e. use own bath essences in the swimming pools, saunas, bathhouses and aroma baths

6. The use of the Sauna World and its facilities is at your own risk.

The visitor must ensure that they fulfill the physical prerequesites for this.

If necessary, consult your GP in advance for clarification.

7. Sauna infusions are carried out by HanseDom staff.

Exceptions to this require explicit permission by general management.

8. The use of cameras of any kind for taking photos, filming and taking selfies is not permitted.

9. Phone calls are prohibited in the entire sauna area.

The use of mobile devicdes must be announced to the sauna staff.

Camera lenses must be taped off and the devices switched to "mute" or "silent" (adhesive pads are available at the sauna counter).

7. Furthermore, we refer to the information signposts with binding behavioural rules for the use of the sauna facilities.

8. Revisions of the sauna facilities are announced on the notice board in front of the ticket counter area.

If individual facilities are not available during the period of use, the visitor is not entitled to a full or partial refund of the entry fee.

The services offered at the "WellnessOase" and the "BeautyMare" cosmetic studio are subject to availability and demand and are facilitated by the staff at the Sauna World counter and after previous booking by telephone, fax, email or personal inquiry.

The current prices according to the "wellness offers" and the "BeautyMare offers" apply.

13. Note for users of the wellness and beauty offer:

No additional entry fee will is required for beauty treatments in the BeautyMare studio.

All other offers require payment of the entry fee for the sauna world.

The indicated timeframes include the treatment duration as well as preparation and post-treatment.

Wellness and beauty treatments can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance and must be effected in written form.

Short-term cancellations outside the aforementioned timeframe will be charged with 100 % of the treatment price.


11. Use of the sunbeds

1. Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the sunbeds.

Parents are liable for their children.

2. The visitor must ensure that they fulfil the physical prerequisites for the use of the sunbeds.

Our qualified staff is required to carry out a consultation for skin type analysis and provide written documentation before visitors are allowed to use the sunbeds.

If visitors wish to use the solariums without previous consultation, the use is at their own risk and any liability claims against HanseDom are thus ruled out.

In this case, it is mandatory to present a written statement declining the consultation.

Our staff is happy to provide further general advice in addition to the written notices.

Visitors taking medicines to increase the skin's sensitivity to light are advised to refrain from using facilities such as sunbeds.

3. The reclining surfaces of the sunbeds must be damp-cleaned with the cleaning agents provided and wiped dry before and after use by the visitor.

Instructions for the temporary use of sunbeds, e.g. after the fluorescent lamps have been exchanged, require special attention and must be followed without fail.


12. Use of the "Fit and Fun" fitness club and the "Ball and Fun" ball sports club

Having reached the age of 18 years is prerequisite for the conclusion of a contract.

It is possible to conclude a contract with the "Fit and Funny" fitness club from the age of 16 years and to conclude a ball sports contract from the age of 6 years, given that the legal representatives provide their written consent.

Club members may bring their own children up to the age of 12 years free of charge. In this case, the club member is responsible for supervision.

If a brought-along child participates in a class, it is mandatory to pay the corresponding course fee.


13. Liability of the operator

1. The liability of HanseDom, its legal representatives and its vicarious agents shall be limited to intent and gross negligence, except for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health.

This limitation does not apply to predictable damage of a nature typical for the contract.

2. The individual supervison and care of children, adolescents, legally incompetent persons, non-swimmers and disabled persons are not the duty or the task of HanseDom and its employees but have to be assumed by the accompanying persons.

The responsible accompanying persons are liable for the above-mentioned group of persons.

The supervisory duty remains with the person in charge and does not transfer to HanseDom upon entering the premises.

3. For their own safety, persons unable to swim or with limited swimming skills are only permitted to water areas only accessible by swimming if they are accompanied and supervised for the entire duration of their stay in the water.

4. We do not assume liability for lost items or valuables; including objects and items of clothing deposited inside or outside the changing room lockers.

This applies in particular for the loss of items/valuables from locked lockers as a result of the loss of the locker key by the claimant and/or damaged party.

5. The loss of items or valuables must be immediately reported to the spa management.

6. We explicitely refer to the possibility of storing higher-value items in the safe deposit boxes.

7. We do not assume liability for damage caused by a third party (theft, property damage, injuries, etc.)

8. We do not assume liability for the vehicles, bicycles or other means of transport left in the cost-free parking lots.


14. Maintenance and service

Quality-assuring maintenance and servicing of the facilities and their installations outside the closing times will be announced on the notice board in time, provided that they do not occur unexpectedly.

Legal revision may require a shutdown of technical installations for inspection during opening hours, making them temporarily unavailable to the visitors.

The visitor is not entitled to a full or partial refund of the entry fee or a partial reimbursement for season tickets in this case and equally in the event of temporary and reasonable shutdowns of operations.


15. Lost property

Items found on the HanseDom premises must be deposited immediately with the supervising staff.

Liability for lost and found property is excluded, see paragraphs 13.4. and 13.5.

Lost property will be handled according to the legal regulations.


16. Suggestions and criticism

Our staff are happy to accept suggestions and criticism.

Alternatively, you have the option to give us an electronic rating at the main entrance of HanseDom or to make a written entry in one of our guest books in the "Fitness & Sport" entrance area or at the Sauna World counter.


17. Pandemic-related amendments

Corona safety rules and hygienic measures must be complied with.

Visitors/users violating the rules will be fined or banned from the premises.


18. Commencement of the rules

The spa etiquette/house rules take effect as of 09/10/2020 and thus replace the spa etiquette/house rules dated 01/10/2018.


The General Management