Relaxing Spa treatments
Moisturising body treatment
In this treatment the body is first dry-brushed, after which a moisturising mask is applied, and the body is gently wrapped. During this time, a relaxing body massage is applied which aids absorption of the mask into the skin. This treatment effectively moisturises the skin and helps accelerate blood circulation. You are warmly welcome to relax!
45 Min
€ 112,00
Relaxing treatment for the back
This gentle but efficient massage relaxes the muscles, softens muscle tension, accelerates blood circulation, and warms up the skin. The treatment results in an overall feeling of well-being. The dry-brushing before the massage intensifies purification of the body and effectively removes dead surface cells from the skin. The skin is softened and the colour improves. You are warmly welcome to relax!
30 Min
€ 67,00
Spa manicure
Our professional Spa manicure includes trimming, filing, and shaping the nails, gentle exfoliation, and a relaxing massage of the hands and arms. Your hands will love our moisturising care products which will help them remain wonderfully soft and well-nourished. Beautiful hands are a lovely thing to show off. During this treatment you can just lay back and relax on our cosmetologist’s comfortable bed, while your hands become beautiful. (Treatment does not include the application of nail polish.) You are warmly welcome to relax!
60 Min
€ 118,00
Peat body treatment
First the body is dry-brushed, then a layer of warm peat is applied, and the body is gently wrapped. After a period of time which allows the peat to work its magic, it is showered off. A peat treatment accelerates the metabolism and purifies the body, and is an excellent treatment for swelling, for example. We use pure Finnish peat in all our treatments. You are warmly welcome to relax!
45 Min
€ 128,00
Gua Sha treatment
45 Min
€ 86,00
Gua Sha treatment
60 Min
€ 116,00