Treatment packages
Peat body treatment & Hot stone massage
Treat yourself to the healing effects of a peat body treatment, coupled with a gentle massage with hot stones. At the beginning of the treatment, a warm peat mask is applied to the body. This results in the skin being deeply cleansed and refreshed, and swelling is reduced. Once the peat mask has achieved its result, the mask is washed off, and a gentle partial massage is performed with hot stones. Following the treatment, the skin is soft and supple and feels totally relaxed.
85 Min
€ 221,00
Roller pin massage & Savonian head massage
With this treatment combination you can become acquainted with authentic Savonian massage methods. The rolling pin massage is a unique therapeutic experience that can only be experienced at Järvisydän. The treatment is carried out using a traditional Karelian pie rolling pin (pulikka) to massage the body gently and effectively. An authentic Savonian head massage tops the treatment.
75 Min
€ 148,00
Forest breath -facial & Savonian head massage
The skin of the face is pampered and moistened with soothing waters containing birch sap and skin-renewing serums, followed by a gentle pine-scented facial massage. Finally, a cooling mask is applied to the face. The treatment is finished off with a traditional Savonian head massage, leaving you with a gentle, relaxed feeling throughout your entire body.
105 Min
€ 205,00
Hot stone massage & savonian head massage
Enjoy the soothing effects of a gentle massage with hot stones combined with the relaxing effect of a head massage. The treatment includes a partial massage with hot stones and a truly Savonian head massage.
70 Min
€ 154,00
Peat body treatment & Pin roller massage
This treatment package will provide a real boost to your metabolism. Following the treatment, your skin will be deeply cleansed, appear clear and bright, and you will be left with a feeling of complete relaxation. The treatment consists of a warm peat mask which is applied to your skin and then washed off after the exposure period. This is followed by a partial rolling pin massage. Come and experience the deeply relaxing effect this massage combination of true Savonian therapy can have on your body and mind.
90 Min
€ 209,00
Dreams in the forest
This treatment is a deeply relaxing experience. Perfect option to relieve stress. Gus She treatment is a remarkable way to relieve stress for a long time. It also helps you to emphasise your mood and happiness. Gua She treatment is also very effective way to balance your muscles and help you to have better posture. At the end of the treatment you will also get gentle head massage that makes ideas flow and will make you feel totally relaxed. Let the dreaming begin!
60 Min
€ 121,00
Caring wisdom of the Forest 60min
Deeply relaxing experience for all the senses. Refreshing moment where you will enjoy a combination of gentle face massage and head massage. At first you will experience skin cleansing and a massage that activates the skin. After the treatment you will feel the muscle tensions relieve and feel light and relaxed again.
60 Min
€ 129,00