Small Time-out
Nurture your skin with our basic treatment, that uses a soft cleanse and a peeling in preparation of transporting the active ingredients of the facial mask deep into your skin. The correction of your eyebrows makes for a neat look. (cleansing of the skin, peeling, correction of the eyebrows, facial mask) Treatment duration: 40 minutes
€ 39,00
You desire pretty and perfectly neat hands and nails? Perhaps you want to take short break from your daily routines, relax and enjoy a special care treatment? Then our manicure is exactly right for you. Treatment duration: 45 minutes
€ 40,00
Eyelash extension from scratch
Eyeylash extensions for bright eyes… Are you looking for a more natuarl or dramatic look? Treatment duration: 150 minutes
€ 109,00
Correction of the Eyebrows
Treatment duration: 15 minutes
€ 10,00
Microblading from scratch
Microblading from scratch You don't have any, little or not the perfect eyebrows? We can help you by using the latest technique, which is the pigmentation of the skin in form of the smallest of hairs. "Because the eyebrows are the frame of the face!" Treatment duration: 150 minutes
€ 350,00
Big Time-out
Enjoy a mild peeling and an intense cleansing of the skin as well as a correction of your eyebrows. Gentle massages of the face, neck and shoulders enhance the circulation and make the skin look bright. An exquisite facial mask supports the tissue texture and therefore creates more vitality and resilience. Treatment duration: 75 minutes
€ 60,00
"Relax, man"
Male skin has its own unique requirements. Stress and the daily shave can strain the skin severely. Put an end to tired and stressed skin now. Enjoy a high-class peeling. Pleasant massaging of the neck and shoulders and a soft facial massage will leave you deeply relaxed and neat. Treatment duration: 75 minutes
€ 60,00
Magic of the sea
This special treatment is recommended for customers, who desire a fresh and smooth skin. The active ingredients of the seaweed are transported deeply into the skin via a facial fleece mask during the massage. Treatment duration: 60 minutes
€ 63,00